Sound Scene Revolution Interview

( 4 Votes ) Bay Area podcast Sound Scene Revolution recently posted a new episode, featuring an interview with Chicago's Lawrence Arms. Among other topics the boys discuss, The Cornish Gay Men, rumors of Slapstick songs in their set list and their feelings on Coheed and Cambria. Additionally, a contest is being run, with Asian Man Records, in conjunction with the 11th Asian Manniversary . One winner will receive a copy of The Lawrence Arms Cocktails and Dreams, both Dan Potthast albums (Eyeballs and Sweets and Meats), the new re-release of Alkaline Trio's Goddamnit and other cool Asian Man shwag. Rules and directions to enter are explained in the interview.

 As per usual, Rich and the gang touch on music for about ten seconds before devolving into a string of terrible jokes and insinuations about various member's sexual exploits with each other's mothers. You can stream or download the episode here or subscribe via iTunes.