Lawrence Arms Guitar Sold On Ebay!

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GuitarChris McCaughan of The Lawrence Arms recently sold his guitar he used to record Oh Calcutta on eBay for  $730.00!


Ebay Description

"Okay. So this is a bit of a frankenstein guitar. I used it on The Lawrence Arms 'Oh Calcutta' record. It's a black Japanese Tele body with a Strat neck. It was built by a friend of mine. It's got a sturdier gold bridge and deluxe style tone/volume knobs. It's got worn down gold tuners that have string locks. I put a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 bridge pick-up in it. I can't remember what the other pick up is. It really sounds great and is pretty versatile. I toured with this as a back-up guitar for the last year or so and it's been really good to me. It could use a little work but is really a great sounding guitar. It's got some scuffs and general wear but no bad dings or chips or anything. It's got strap locks on it right now also. I don't have a nice tele case for this but I'll totally throw in this washburn case, which, honestly, is pretty crappy."