5. The Redness In The West

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"The Redness In The West"

Wasting away never felt this way before
I played all the ditties they were hollerin’ for.
Then they shot at my boots and told me to dance
And I didn’t really wanna but before I had the chance
To say my piece everyone was laughing in my face
It’s safe to say I hate this place

Do you wanna get lost, cuz I can’t stay found.
I done my time killing days in this town.
I got a little itch and I’m thirsty.
All I wanna know is who’s coming with me
Fuck you
You’re cool
Fuck you, too
The last goodbye is simple and true.
I got a fever for the cowbell, boys.
I fell for the beat and I stay down for the noise.

Break into something that’s beautiful now
Tell me that it’s gonna be okay
Or exalt my friendships and line up these bottles of beam from
my crib to my grave.
I wrote it to end it this way.

Let’s get lost cuz I can’t stay found.
Hell, anywhere is fine if we drift out now.
I’m so tired of doin’ my dyin’ here.
We’ll fuck ‘em all…we’re gonna fuck em all when we get there.

This time we’re gonna roll where only fools dare
We’re gonna lie
Then we’ll disappear.