the Lawrence Arms 10th Anniversary Show.

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Brendan Kelly confirmed that he is trying to set up a 10th anniversary show for The Lawrence Arms.

Oh, and we’re gonna do a pretty rad Lawrence Arms tenth anniversary show this year. I just started booking it yesterday, and there are details to come, but let’s say it involves fan voting, free shit, a whole kaboodle of awesome surprises, felching, space docking, snoodling, a battle royal to the death featuring all our ex tour managers/merch dudes (my money’s on beef or Nader to take the whole thing). It’s gonna be SICK. But that’s all for another time.

Brendan mentioned that this is a show, the possibility of a tour is not out of the question. This may also be evidence that a new album may be coming along soon. We will add more details (date, time, ticket price, opening bands) when available.