New TLA Blog Post and Interview

( 12 Votes ) Latest blog post by Neil with some exciting news about The Lawrence Arms, Birds in the Air, and The Smoking Popes. Also a Lawrence Arms interview on ManiaTV from 2006 that was recently posted.
Hey everyone..
Neil here. Just wanted to let you know about a few things that have transpired in the past couple of months. First off, the new band I'm playing in, Birds in the Air (featuring Pat Ford of Colossal, Eli Caterer, Kirk Pratt and Don Francis) put 8 songs down to tape at Atlas Studio's this past week . The recording is a work in progress as Pat's moving to New York this Thursday, but we should be able to finish it by fall. Expect a few shows throughout the summer.
Also, I've joined the Smoking Popes! I've always been a big fan of the band and it's so much fun playing all the songs, old and new! If anyone is interested, Smoking Popes are playing the Metro this Saturday June 7th with Sundowner opening. There are still some tickets available, though it is an 18+ show... sorry kids. The show starts at 9pm!
As for the Lawrence Arms.. we're looking to play some shows by late summer and then into the fall.
See you guys around!
Hope you're all doing good!