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I have recently uploaded a bunch of new files in the download section of the site check it out!

New Lawrence Arms/Sundowner/Falcon Downloads
1. Michale Graves vs. Brendan Kelly on Comedy Central [Video]
2. Like A Record Player (Acoustic) [Live On Fuse TV].mp3
3. Fun With Brendan Kelly [Video]
4. An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance (Official Video)
5. Feedback Video Magazine Interview [Video]
6. Devils Takin Names – Minty Cover.mp3
7. Sundowner - This War Is Noise (Official Video)
8. The Falcon - The La-Z-Boy 500 (Official Video)
9. The Lawrence Arms - Porno And Snuff Films (Official Video)
10. Sundowner - This War Is Noise (Fan Created Music Video)
11. The Lawrence Arms Interview on Radio One Punk Show [Audio]
12. Like A Record Player Performed Live On Fuse TV [Video]
13. Sundowner on Radio One Punk Show! (3 Tracks) [Audio]
14. The Broadways Live @ The Hoffman Estates June 17, 1998 (12 Tracks) [Audio]
15. Chris Interview on All Ages Radio April 1, 2006 [Audio]
16. The Lawrence Arms Live @ 9:30 Club [Audio]
17. The Lawrence Arms Live @ WLOC Radio [Audio]
18. Brendan Kelly Interview (Punk News - at Norfolk, VA 2-26-06) [Video]

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( 7 Votes ) One of our members here at the site created their own verison of Sundowner's "This War Is Noise" music video. It was created by MikeDestruction for a school project. You should check it out its an excellent video!
( 8 Votes ) There's a new interview posted over at of Neil Hesseny you should check it out here is a clip from it.


DB: Did you too live in "The Lawrence Arms" apartments in Chicago? If so, what was that like?

NH: I never had a room there, but I spent a lot of time on their couch. It was one of Brendan and Chris' college apartments, and boy did it show. There was a garbage room at one point. No more taking the garbage out back and putting it in the dumpster. Pretty gross at times. I remember there was a dead mouse next to some little girls underwear outside of the back door. It's one of the more disturbing memories I have from that place. That and the weird crack heads that would shit in the hallway.

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The full schedule for Mike Park's European tour alongside Sundowner (that's Chris McCaughan of the Lawrence Arms) has been announced. Before heading off to the airport the pairing will play a show in San Francisco alongside Kevin Seconds (of 7Seconds) and Kepi Ghoulie (of Groovie Ghoulies). Click below for the details.

Both artists are supporting their most recent full lengths, including Mr. Park's North Hangook Falling and Sundowner's Four One Five Two.


Read more for dates.. 


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The Falcon
The Falcon
According to a blog post on Red Scares MySpace The Falcon are working on a new album. I hope you guys are as exicted we are. 

"What else is there...? Well, believe it or not, The Falcon are in the process of writing a new record. Should be interesting. Sundowner just wrapped up a tour with Chuck Ragan and Cobra Skulls just got home from their tour with Against Me! The Methadones and La Plebe have some upcoming shows and that means you should invest NOW in various alcoholic beverage companies cuz there's about to be a spike in sales."
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On this week's BBC 1 Punk Rock Radio show, The people who make up The Lawrence Arms, Sundowner and The Falcon dropped in to perform some acoustic songs and talk about their tour with American Steel. The show's host Mike Davies stated:

"The Lawrence Arms came by the studio to hang out, talk about theire tour with American Steel, The Falcon and Sundowner and they also performed three acoustic songs. Frank Turner, ex-Million Dead singer was in the studio talking about his US tour, forthcoming album and also played some of his favorite tracks. Plus our weekly record chart The Outlaw Anthems and music from NOFX, The King Blues, The Briggs, The Dropkick Murphys, Agnostic Front, H2O, Leatherface, The Slackers, Gallows, The Flatliners, Thrice, Municipal Waste, Bedouin Soundclash and many more."


You can still find the live acoustic set here in our download section! Read more for song list and details..