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Hey, everyone Sundowner will be playing a all ages show at  Mad Maggies in Elgin, IL Feb. 1st at 5p. I'll see ya there :)

More Details:
Location: Mad Maggies
Address: 51 S Grove Ave, Elgin, IL
(847) 531-5883
Directions: Click here
Cost: ??
Time/Date: 5:00 pm / Feb. 1st

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If you haven't planned your new years eve yet the Lawrence Arms are playing with The Copyrights at Reggies Rock Club! The show starts at 8p and the tickets are going for $25 but I'm sure it'll be like $30+ with fees.

Read more for details and tickets!


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Hello, Sundowner Fans!

Chris has written a new song I imagine it will be on his next album but who knows? Some were lucky enough to catch it live if you didn't check it out here!


Title: Untitled
Date: 7-26-08
Location: The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA.
Originally from Youtube user  "
rodneyshadman" many thanks for uploading it!

Click here to download the mp3 format of the new song!

Read More to check out the lyrics tabbed out by our forum members Dan and Peter!


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Yes, someone let Brendan Kelly near a keyboard.. Check out his new blog its pretty entertaining.

Featuring: Great ways to ask for someone to sh*t on your chest without having to say, “honey, will you sh*t on my chest?”...

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The pre-sale for the 2nd pressing of GSTORIES AND GUIDED TOUR are up on the asian man site. This time, it's CLEAR VINYL for GHOST STORIES and PURPLE VINYL for GUIDED TOUR. Again, they will be hand screened by the PUNKS at I HEART U in Houston and hand numbered 1/550(yes, 50 extra this time) Totally different artwork for the second pressing. Exciting...!

The 1st pressing sold out overnight, so act fast. We are again limiting the amount of copies to two each. We trust that you will not be selling these on ebay, but getting them for friends who are without a credit card. Am I right? I hope so. Anyways, it's fun seeing these records on vinyl. Hope you enjoy them as much as we are enjoying putting them together for y'all.

Also going up for sale is COCKTAILS AND DREAMS. This is a double LP which will come in a giant double gatefold jacket. It will be available in either red/orange marble vinyl or black/white marble. Again, limited to two each per color...

www. asianmanrecords. com

 Also Sundowner with being playing two dates on Chuck Ragans Revival Tour go see him!

Thursday16-OctDetroit, MIMAGIC STICKBen Nichols of Lucero, Tim Barry of Avail, Sundowner
Friday17-OctChicago, ILREGGIES ROCK CLUBBen Nichols of Lucero, Tim Barry of Avail, Sundowner

( 12 Votes ) Latest blog post by Neil with some exciting news about The Lawrence Arms, Birds in the Air, and The Smoking Popes. Also a Lawrence Arms interview on ManiaTV from 2006 that was recently posted.
Hey everyone..
Neil here. Just wanted to let you know about a few things that have transpired in the past couple of months. First off, the new band I'm playing in, Birds in the Air (featuring Pat Ford of Colossal, Eli Caterer, Kirk Pratt and Don Francis) put 8 songs down to tape at Atlas Studio's this past week . The recording is a work in progress as Pat's moving to New York this Thursday, but we should be able to finish it by fall. Expect a few shows throughout the summer.
Also, I've joined the Smoking Popes! I've always been a big fan of the band and it's so much fun playing all the songs, old and new! If anyone is interested, Smoking Popes are playing the Metro this Saturday June 7th with Sundowner opening. There are still some tickets available, though it is an 18+ show... sorry kids. The show starts at 9pm!
As for the Lawrence Arms.. we're looking to play some shows by late summer and then into the fall.
See you guys around!
Hope you're all doing good!