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The Lawrence Arm's bassist, Brendan Kelly, has announced he is developing a new solo album.  He recently stated on his Twitter account he has finished 4 new songs

"4 songs TOTALLY done. Add that to the 4 that are already done and we're 2/3 of the way there. sorry, folks with expectations. gettin weird."

He also stated that it may be released on November 8th.

"november 8 is the projected, but we'll have to see how fast the nerds who turn the knobs work. Gotta go sing...."


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The long-awaited DVD from The Lawrence Arms has been detailed. An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance is slated to be released in late summer via Fat Wreck Chords, chronicling the band's 10th anniversary performance in Chicago, IL in October of 2009. 

Crankstrap Productions has posted a trailer for the DVD, which can be seen here.

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Chris McCaughan has announced that he is releasing a new Sundowner album sometime in the summer. It will be released on Asian Man Records instead of Red Scare. Red Scare will be pressing Four One Five Two on vinyl in the summer.

"Well, it’s been three years since the first Sundowner record and man has a lot happened in the world since then. We had the summer and winter Olympics, the Cubs got embarrassed in the playoffs a few times, Obama became president, I won my first fantasy football championship and we all got a bit older. Ahhh, the dizzying highs.  I also wrote a bunch of songs. Over the last several months me and Neil (Hennessy if you’re nasty) having been working on the new Sundowner record in Logan Square in Chicago and I’m excited to say it’s just about done and that we’re putting the finishing touches on it. I’m stoked to be teaming up with Mike Park and releasing it on Asian Man Records this time around. We’re shooting for a mid-summer release and we’ll have more details for y’all in the near future.  I’m also really excited because Toby Jeg at Red Scare is gonna press Four One Five Two on vinyl this summer and we’re gonna throw a big party. Rap at ya soon!"


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Shortly after the show, Brendan Kelly announced on his blog that there will be a 10th Anniversary Show DVD released by Crankstrap Productions.

There is very little info about the DVD, things such as release date, additional content, etc. has yet to be announced.

A "rough cut" of The Lawrence Arms playing "Recovering the Opposable Thumb" can be found here (the video quality is great, but the audio sounds tuned out due to it being unmixed).

You can become a fan of Crankstrap Productions on Facebook here.

To anyone that did not know the 10th Anniversary Show at the Metro on October 24, 2009 in Chicago. The show featured Mike Park, The Menzingers, and La Plebe as opening acts (it has not yet been confirmed if their sets will be on the DVD)

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Chris McCaughan was a guest on the PBS show "Check Please" talking about a middle eastern restaurant in Chicago known as "Sultan's Market"

The video can be found here. I can't link to the video directly you will have to click "watch conversation" on the right to watch Chris and 2 others discuss about the restaurant.

The video itself is unrelated to music, but it gives insight in some of the foods Chris enjoys.

Chris on the show

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On March 16th Red Scare and Anchorless Records will co-release a new split featuring Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire. Titled Wasted Potential it will feature seven songs from each artist. Anchorless will handle the LP and digital versions of the record while Red Scare will be releasing the CD. Toby from Red Scare quipped "I swear to god I saw this all coming when I saw Joe carrying Brendan's limp, drunken body out of a Las Vegas elevator back in like 2005. So we know they got the 'wasted' part down, we'll have to see about the 'potential'. "

Brendan Kelly Wasted Potential

BRENDAN KELLY / JOE MCMAHON “Wasted Potential” LP / Coffee Mug PRE-ORDER

Price: $16.50

The pressing info is as follows:

160 on Transparent Yellow vinyl
300 on White vinyl
The remainder on Black vinyl

The only place you will be able to get the colored vinyl is through Anchorless’ store. Black vinyl will be available through all the normal outlets. We postied 100 copies with a special edition coffee mug. We are making 150 coffee mugs to go along with this set (100 to go with the vinyl, 50 to be shared between Anchorless, Brendan, and Joe). The Coffee Mugs will have artwork from the release on one side and the Anchorless logo on the other side. Why a coffee mug you ask and not a pint glass? The guys figured a coffee mug will help nurse the hangover after a long night of drinking.

The vinyl will come with a digital download coupon, but chances look good that we will be able to send those who pre-order a copy a link to download the digital version before you receive the vinyl. Still working out the kinks with that, but Anchorless has also been so kind as to donate a test pressing for a test pressing contest. The 100 pre-orders will all be entered for a chance to win the test pressing.


Heres is the Tracklist

1. Like A Record Player - Brendan Kelly
2, Necrotism - Brendan Kelly
3. Quincentuple Your Money - Brendan Kelly
4. Blood Meridian - Brendan Kelly
5. Requiem Once Again Revisited - Brendan Kelly
6. There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor - Brendan Kelly
7. Kiss The Bottle - Brendan Kelly
8. Beauty Fades - Joe Mcmahon
9. Filter - Joe Mcmahon
10. What Separates Us All - Joe Mcmahon
11. Little Bohemia - Joe Mcmahon
12. Delawhere - Joe Mcmahon
13. Irish Handcuffs - Joe Mcmahon
14. Let The Train Blow The Whistle - Joe Mcmahon